UPDATE 2021-12-09: New unofficial mailings offering "FIT Expo 2021" Attendees/Visitors/Registrants list. Find more information (in Polish) on the MTP Poznań Expo and the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry website.

Unauthorised exhibitors and visitors databases continue to be offered by mailings. Such mails pretend to offer official data for specific show, using the brand name and other features that suggest it is an official mail from the respective exhibition organiser. EMECA warns on accidentally purchasing such data. EMECA Members should actively warn their exhibitors and visitors. Those clients who purchase these data at a high price will have great difficulties to get their money back. In the past, disputing the contracts and legal action against such fraud was difficult, costly and not always successful. Such fraudulent practices can severely damage the exhibition industry’s reputation.

You can find more information here: UFI warning