The European Major Exhibition Centres Association joins its voice to all those who are speaking up to express their solidarity to Ukraine and to condemn the unjustified military aggression by Russia on Ukraine. War must never represent a means to resolve controversies.

The attack not only destroys Ukraine territory and its people’s lives but endangers the security and stability of the entire European continent. The European basis is “United in Diversity”. While remaining proud of their own national identities and history, Europeans are determined to transcend their former divisions and, unite ever more closely, to forge a common destiny. Invading another country is simply unacceptable.

EMECA as a European association believes that the values that unite the European Member States and to which many other European countries adhere are the only basis for a free, peaceful, democratic and prosperous life on the European continent. That’s why EMECA supports the strong and united European and international response.

Bringing millions of people together face-to-face for events every year fosters not only trade and business, but peace and understanding. We unite, not divide.



EMECA Secretary General
Ms Barbara Weizsäcker